Consider this the naïve how-do-earthlings-work question it feels like (inorite) but: if you’re a project-oriented person doing projects, how do you find your team/​karass/​clique/​playgroup to playwork with?

I’ve had a few treehouse chats with smart people I’d like to work with on internet projects but I haven’t figured out how to actually start doing anything with any of them.

I don’t expect people to be interested in my ideas. It seems rude to ask, since people have their own projects and things. Selling someone on my unformed idea enough to pitch in free work seems impossible anyway. Probably I would be served to learn how to do that, in spite of the programmer complex that things like design documents or fanciful descriptive blog posts that a computer can’t execute feel wasted.

Contrariwise the few times conversations work up to a project of the group’s design, no one actually starts anything. Partly that’s individual busy-ness as above, but I also wonder if it’s the lack of someone in an “activation energy” role to record decisions and manage consensus. (On the other hand, some groups I recall couldn’t reach consensus if our lives depended. They would also roll their eyes at my saying we need a “product manager”. Maybe it’s for the best.)

There’s an argument that companies are economically efficient, and consequently continue to exist, because they amortize the cost of forming these groups between and along longer-lived projects. Am I imagining these groups form outside of companies? Maybe people who want to do projects like this just start their own (even somewhere besides San Francisco).